Stairgraphics Advertising decals on the risers of staircases & steps

Stairgraphics - risers on the rise

A step by step success

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Stairgraphics have been around for a while now. It seems that a lot of people are really enjoying to play with the many possibilities that such an irregular surface offers.

Looking at different approaches to place stairgraphics on staircases, we found that the results vary heavily in overall creativity and actual - visibility.

Now why is that you might ask. Alright, not every advertising image or creative makes full benefit of the given surface and we suspect that it requires a bit of "out of the box" thinking to come up with a dramatic image but still - why do some stairgraphics look just right and some just look out of place ?

Cant you just use your campaign image, cut it into pieces that matches the size of the risers of the staircase and thats all you have to do ?

Can you not just give your printable design for stairgraphics and the size of the risers to your prinitng company ?

Apparently - you cannot.
(see the difference to the right)

What you should know

Be warned - you cannot just slice up your design and expect great results.

From what we learned, there has to be some math involved to make to make stairgraphics look right. To prevent your design to actually take on a "stepped" look, a special formula has to used.

The folks from german agency Shapeshifter Media seem to have gotten it just right for over a decade now with their patented method for stairgraphics. And they're happy to share their technology. Seems all they need is your image and some measures to do the job.

What staircases can you use ?

staigraphics stripes

Any staircase that has moderately even steps and that allows for the mounting of either self-adhesive decals or plastic boards can be used for stairgraphics. There is only one exception - the spiral staircase.

After your design has been calculated with said formula for stairgraphics to avoid for the "step effect" a rather weird arrangement of individual stripes is being printed on either a pvc foil for indoor-/ outdoor use or a hard foam panel. While these re-calculated stripes do not seem to make any sense at first glance, this is where the magic with Shapeshifter's method starts.

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Totally seamless and in 3D

While installing the stickers or boards on the staircase, the magic is happening right in front of your eyes. What seemed to be a misshaped arrangement of stripes, builds up as a totally seamless stairgraphic on the staircase.

Seems like another piece of german engineering paid off. In comparison to the many other examples we saw, Shapeshifter's formula does not only take away that "step effect" but is also the only method to allow for real 3d images with stairgraphics.

So there you have it. If you want a happy client, dont even start without the right technique.

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